Garden birdwatching using a trail camera during lockdown by Charlie Ward

Hello everyone from my garden blackbird chick!

Well as we enter another month in lockdown, 2020 is shaping up to be a very bizarre year indeed! 

Today in a normal world, I would be spending my day at St Aidan's RSPB, volunteering as a ranger. Instead, like many others, I am keeping myself busy appreciating the wildlife and nature that's on my doorstep... literally!

I have seen people online finding inventive ways of keeping entertained during the lockdown so I thought I would share with you mine... photographing my garden wildlife using a trail cam. 

Trail cams are a great way of getting closer to wildlife and particularly those species that are more elusive. They are triggered by motion and infrared sensors so everything that walks (or flies!) in front of the camera are photographed. 

Here are just some of my favourites taken this week from my back garden:

1) The Morning meeting

(Blackbirds, house sparrows and collared dove)

(Robin, chaffinch and great tit)

2. Lockdown domestic

(Don't worry both pigeons flew away unharmed)

3) The garden thief

4) Philip the pheasant - Philip has escaped from the neighbours farm and is taking refuge in the safety of my garden. He absolutely loves the camera!

5) Mr Hog

6) The neighbours cat (oh no !)

7) Garden romances


(Collared dove)

Well I'll keep you posted on more trail cam garden action! But for now, stay safe, take care and enjoy your garden.