Learning from home because of Coronavirus by 8 year old Charlie pictures by Mel Rowell

My name is Charlie and I'm 8. I'm learning from home because of the Coronavirus. We've been learning about garden birds and minibeasts.

In the garden, I saw 1 spider, 3 worms, 4 baby snails, 30 woodlice and 3 bees and even saved a bee that has fallen into the water. I made a tally chart and copied it into a bar chart and did one on my Dad's laptop. I made a spider out of toilet roll then we went into the garden and got leaves, sticks, weeds and petals that had fallen out of the tree. Then I made a habitat for the spider with the things we got.

We made bird feeders out of oranges, bottles and a pringle tube. We also wrote a report and learnt about a robins life cycle.

What is your best garden bird and why?

What do you like about Fairburn Ings?

What's your best minibeast?

I like coming to Fairburn Ings and I've been lots of times and I'm looking forward to it being open again.

Love from Charlie