Big sleepout at fairburn ings

Can anybody give some info about the big sleepout and what it entails, what is required,what will happen etc. Regards Matt
  • Here you go Matt have a read here until someone gets back to you

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    Thanks for that, was just wondering if it would be suitable for my six year old or not, also about setting tent up and what not my other half was asking if she could come to help get the tent setup and what not then she'd go back home to look after our other daughter.


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    Hi Matt - I think your daughter will have plenty to do, the Cbeebies Twirlywoos will be there this year too. Lots of activities for 4yrs and upwards. There is quite a bit of detail here:

    We went last year as volunteer rangers, and will be doing the same this year. I'm not entirely sure about the exact detail re tents and helpers, but I shouldn't think there would be a problem in your wife helping. Although, if last year is anything to go by, there will be plenty of helping hands around.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hi Matt, thanks for getting in contact, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. As Pete says there is lots of info on the Eventbrite booking page

    It should be suitable for your 6 year old, we say that children 4 and up can take part in everything and younger children will be able to participate in lots of it. There will be nature walks, self-led activities like pond dipping and den building, as well as the Twrilywoos! We'll also have a campfire quiz, night walks, astronomy, and in the morning there will be moths and games before packing up for midday.

    If you would like assistance in setting up your tent then your partner is welcome to come along and help, or there are always plenty of staff and volunteers around to lend a hand. If you'd like to chat it through you're very welcome to give me a call on 01977 628191. I hope to see you there.



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    Thanks for the reply, all being well I'll book it this weekend and are looking forward to it.

    Once again thanks for the reply.


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    Brill, I look forward to seeing you there! :)

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    Just bought the tickets!

    Also had my first camp out last night with my youngest..very tired now camping wasn't this hard when I was younger lol.


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    Just want to say thanks to all of the staff for making the big sleep out such a wonderful event.

    If anybody is considering doing one of these events in the future and comes across this post - just go for it you will not be disappointed at all.

    Matt and Ava Hirst

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    Glad you both enjoyed it!! :)