Dogs on or off the leash???

I would just like to congratulate all the dog owners I see around the Fairburn Reserve who DO KEEP THEIR DOG ON A LEAD- as asked for on the main notice board in the car park. Now could you PLEASE educate the others who seem to think that its okay to have their pets running loose and disturbing everything from skylarks to bitterns. People are throwing balls for their off lead dogs-one person does this daily on the coal tips. This problem seems to be greatest on the coal tips where people either have a pack of pets chasing themselves on a mountain bike or just allow the dog(s) to quarter the ground-its a bird reserve not a public park and disturbing birds is illegal. Not to mention that it is utterly pointless going up there birding when somebody has allowed their dog to frighten off any birds that were there. The coal tips offer great views into the heart of the reserve but they are home to sensitive and endangered birds please keep your dog on a leash if you must take it up on the coal tips trail! Especially as the breeding season is almost upon us. The birds should come first! Please follow the good example set by those who either leave their dog at home or put it on a lead. You may be surprised by the wildlife you encounter. Thankyou.