Litter Litter and more Litter

I stuck my head out of Charlie's hide recently and was quite shocked and disgusted by the sight that met me--at least 20 thats TWENTY discarded drinks bottles and cans on the floor adjacent to the hide itself, as well as other plastic items and bags. I know that the great general public have access to this hide but I have to say that over the last couple of weeks I have seen several groups and individuals eating their lunch in the hide though one group was so large they had no chance of all getting in the hide. This is arguably one of the finest viewing points on the reserve and NOT a picnic area. However I do understand that the RSPB can not be responsible for the public in general-(its an open reserve etc etc )What I do think is that leaving all that litter to accumulate under one of our best hides gives the wrong impression, encourages more littering and is a danger to the wonderful wildlife of the vicinity. I've seen mink, water rail, snipe, avocets, great egrets, little egrets, kingfishers and lots more from here ). Now I would like to make two proposals - one that volunteers go down and clear the mess because its not going to go on its own. Or if somebody will tell me how to access the front of the hide, provide me with a litter picker and rubbish bag I will clear it myself on my next visit. Contact me if you wish to take up this offer - but please lets sort this asap. Redwolf
  • Hi Redwolf, we always appreciate feedback from our visitors, but specific issues about how the reserve is managed are better raised directly with the team. I think you have Darren's email, mine is or you can drop into the centre and let us know. As you are aware, we do listen to feedback and generally act on it where we can.

    thanks, Beki