Charlie's Hide today at Fairburn A goose with pink feet!

Today at Charlie's hide was a very forlorn and confused pink footed goose it doesn't seem to know its a pink foot and keeps being chased off by the Canada geese it tries to join-I guess it either got lost or left behind but i enjoyed some close up views of it. Other points of note I heard my first Chiff Chaff of 2015 on the Riverbank trail while back at Charlie's there was a little egret and 3 lovely pintail ducks sticking their pintails up in the air! Spring must be coming because 3 sand martins put on a display of swooping and diving. The dead swan on the island is still there where it has been since January.The little buzzing sapphires -kingfishers to you and me also did their obligatory fly by for me, its tempting to take these superb birds for granted as I seem to see at least one everytime I visit but in reality it is fantastic to have kingfisher as a "common" sighting. Finally a mention for those wonderful toffs of the bird world the great crested grebe, Charlie's pair were resplendent today in their fine breeding plumage.