Volunteering at RSPB Fairburn Ings- Meet Ella

I am the youngest volunteer in retail at Fairburn, and at first, I was worried people may not get on with me as well as they do; everyone who I have worked with at Fairburn has been lovely, so kind and considerate, and genuinely in love with what they do, and how much conservation helps this planet. 

The role was not as I expected – I honestly enjoy it even more than I thought possible. It’s very comforting to be able to support nature, something I am very ardent about, in such a safe place where no ill judgement is passed, and people from so many different backgrounds and beliefs come together to admire the wonder that is this planet. When I started at the RSPB, I didn’t have as much appreciation for the birds we have as I do now; as a vegan, I wanted to volunteer in order to support wildlife and the environment in any way I could, and being on a reserve is perfect for that. 

I truly believe there are many people my age with similar beliefs about climate change and nature who would love volunteering on a reserve, as it is so rewarding and a wholesome way to be involved in protecting nature. I never thought I would be as fascinated with the natural British wildlife around Fairburn as I am now. I may never be as knowledgeable about birds as some of my counterparts at the RSPB, as that is their true passion, but I certainly feel an honest sense of joy when hearing the beautiful songs and seeing the delicate beauties which fly around Fairburn – and I have volunteering at the RSPB to thank for that.

Although our volunteering is currently on hold, if you have any questions or would like to join our team, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Janine on Janine.Brown-Jones@rspb.org.uk 

Fairburn image- Ken Czmeiduch, young volunteers- Pete Carr, kingfisher- Mac Wontorowski