Nathaniel’s Story


“I’ve been interested in wildlife from a very young age courtesy of my parents, I was actually born an RSPB member and that’s never changed. I first got more involved with the RSPB at school, when I did my work experience at a reserve. From there I became an RSPB volunteer aged 14, and aged 16 I became part of the RSPB’s national youth council. My time with the RSPB was paused when I left for university to study Zoology and a masters in Ecology. Though I did undertake RSPB residential volunteering trips in my summer breaks instead. 


Once I finished my degree I returned to volunteering, this time as a ranger at St Aidan’s. I recently got a job as a consultant ornithologist, which is a direct link between my love of birds, my work for the RSPB and my degrees. I’ve now been involved with the RSPB for nearly a decade, and it is a rewarding way to spend my free time. 


My passion for wildlife extends beyond the UK, having worked with birds on projects in Peru and Costa Rica, which ties in to my love of travelling. My main interest aside from wildlife is a passion for all things sport, even the obscure ones. I actually played dodgeball at university.

During lockdown I’ve been helping out with the reserve’s social media with staff on furlough. Also, I’ve recently committed to a new role helping young people undertaking voluntary/work experience, just like I did nearly a decade ago.”


 Although our volunteer recruitment is currently on hold, if you would like more information about volunteering with us, please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinatior Janine via