On September the 17th my mum and I are cycling over 900 miles, from John O’Groats to Land’s End, in just 10 days. By doing this cycle ride, we aim to raise money for two incredible causes: the RSPB (UK) and Ecosystem Impact’s Salur Valley Bird Conservation Programme (Indonesia).

As part of the RSPB community, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how great they are! But, having worked for the RSPB for 4 months, I have seen first-hand the amazing work they do to provide spaces for nature here in the UK. By managing 180 nature reserves, the RSPB not only provide vital havens for a huge range of species, but places for people to connect with wildlife, take part in fantastic events and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Through working for the RSPB, I have been given the amazing opportunity to work for Ecosystem Impact on a number of projects including the Salur Valley Bird Conservation Programme. Salur Valley, Indonesia, has a variety of native, endemic, and endangered song birds. However, the natural habitat of these birds is under threat of deforestation due to a high demand for timber. The birds and their eggs are being targeted by poachers and the black market pet trade. Indonesia is of special conservation concern as it has the second highest number of threatened bird species in the world. There are however ways to tackle these issues in positive ways. To combat deforestation and poaching, in addition to working with the local government and law enforcement agencies, this new and exciting programme supports local people to build community-based forest and wildlife protection.

My mum and I, and of course the RSPB and Ecosystem Impact, would be hugely grateful for any donations you would be willing to make – no matter how big or small!

If you do wish to make a donation, just follow the link below. JustGiving is a completely trustworthy site which promises not to send you endless useless emails!