Hello everyone, quite a short post on this occasion and something of a request also. As many of you will know the landscape garden at the Bowling Green hide will include a Bee and bug hotel, which is currently under construction.

Work is moving along at a steady pace but at this point we need a little help from you in order to furnish the hotel with all manner of different materials for our multi-legged friends to make use of. We have plenty of logs and wood but if any of you have any of the following lying around and don’t mind parting with them:

  • Bamboo canes (no more than 3cm wide)
  • Pine cones (any size)
  • Terracotta plant pots (15cm or smaller)
  • Chicken wire
  • Roof tiles

All of these materials will become invaluable habitat, nesting and hibernation spots for the over 240 species of harmless solitary bees we have in the UK. These solitary bees are just as if not more important pollinators than the more well-known Honey and Bumble Bees, and any of the above that you can donate to us for this project will not only be helping the bees, but the entire countryside around Bowling Green Marsh.

If you would like to donate anything please email nick.davies@rspb.org.uk with details and we can arrange collection.

Thanks very much everybody

See you all soon