This week we've been enjoying visits from families during half-term. They've been taking part in some of our pond dipping sessions. We've found lots of exciting creatures under the water including; water scorpions, medicinal leeches, newts and their tadpoles, marsh frog tadpoles, great diving beetle larvae, lots of nymphs and water boatmen. 

Many of our summer birds of prey, the hobby have been seen over the reserve with up to 8 seen at one time. The hobby is a falcon the rough size of kestrel. They soar around the sky looking for prey which is often caught in its talons and transferred to its beak in flight. They will eat insects, particularly dragonflies but could also take small birds and are fast enough to catch a swift in the air. Hobbies can accelerate rapidly in flight and is capable of high-speed aerial manoeuvres.

Hobbies - Dave Clarke

There are also lots of baby animals out on the reserve at the moment. From the visitor centre alone you can see coot chicks, gull chicks, oystercatcher chicks and Egyptian goslings. There are lots of kits (baby rabbits) on the reserve too so look out for them as you drive down the track and walk the trail. 

Mallard ducklings - Dave Clarke

Rabbit kit - Graham Parry

Juvenile bearded tit getting its feet wet - Graham Parry