The weekend is set to be a sunny one! We have so much to showcase on the reserve at the moment so why not visit us for a walk and absorb the sounds of spring. Cuckoos are calling, bitterns are booming and there are many voices of smaller birds such as whitethroats, robins, sedge warblers, wrens, dunnocks and more all competing in the great dawn chorus. 

Sedge warbler - Graham Parry

The dawn chorus is a spring time event where the days are longer, the weather is warmer, there's more food and the birds will start to lay their eggs. Male songbirds sing their hearts out between March and July to attract a mate and defend their territories. The peak happens in May, where our resident birds such as great tits and robins are joined by migrant songsters such as chiffchaffs and blackcaps to create a roaring chorus throughout the day.

Chiffchaff - Robin Johnson

The first birds start singing about an hour before sunrise. These are usually thrushes, skylarks and blackbirds who are later joined by wrens and warblers who get up a bit later. Some birds even prefer to sing at dusk, after they've eaten for the day. These birds include sparrows and blue tits.

Song thrush - Graham Parry

If you didn't already know, there's a whole weekend celebrating the International Dawn Chorus Day coming up this weekend. Why not visit our website for more information on what events (including online) are happening and how you can get involved.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend, whatever you may be doing. But, if you can, try to step out and appreciate nature during some part of it!