We have been basking in sunshine all week, but the wildlife seem to realise that winter is round the corner, even if we haven't been able to admit it to ourselves yet! Many birds are on the move, gathering in large numbers or appearing for a day at a time here at Dungeness ready to head back to warmer parts of the world.

Thousands of martins have been seen across the peninsular and these house martins were captured around the water tower to the north of our reserve, flocking together for safety during a long journey.

House martins - Martin Casemore

Other migrants have been popping in this week too. Spotted flycatchers have been seen in the pine trees at the back of ARC (near the water tower). A pectoral sandpiper stuck around for a few days and a spoonbill was seen yesterday and an osprey seen briefly on Burrowes Pit this morning. 

Spotted flycatcher - Martin Casemore

Today, we are supporting the Youth Climate Strikes. Climate change is the biggest threat facing nature, people and our planet. Climate change is not something that can be 'believed in'. It is happening, and we need to do something to stop this whilst we still can. Please read our article on the internet or look at the Global Climate Strikes website to see for yourself the momentum behind this and find out what you can do to help and support this movement.