A volunteer confirmed two juvenile bitterns being fed by the adult from Hookers Pit yesterday, which shows we have at least two fledged chicks from one nest here on the reserve. We are certain there were two nests so we hope any more chicks have fared just as well! After our volunteer reserve team spent the best part of two days clearing vegetation from in front of Hanson hide, a visitor was rewarded with an exceptional view of a bittern, right in front of him too!

Bittern from Hanson ARC hide - Martin Casemore

This just shows how hardworking, passionate and dedicated our staff and volunteer team are on the reserve. Our volunteers spend the autumn and winter out in the cold lakes removing willow, cutting back reed and enhancing as much habitat as possible for birds like our bitterns. Marsh harriers, reed buntings, warblers and many others also thrive from well maintained reedbed and fen habitats. 

Reed bunting - Graham Parry

Some significant bird sightings this week on the reserve include pied flycatchers, 200 oystercatchers on Burrowes, 2 honey buzzards, wood sandpiper, green sandpiper, spotted flycatcher, cattle egret and garganey.

Pied flycatcher - Martin Casemore

With what's happening in South America right now - in case you haven't heard our Amazon rainforest is currently on fire... (which is making me feel sick that this is happening), I have to appreciate what we have here and how many people are so dedicated to looking after this reserve and help it thrive. That includes the staff who make it their full-time job to work in conservation, protecting precious sites and educating people about the importance of conservation, through to volunteers who give up their spare time to help as much as they can. Also our visitors; regulars who walk the trails and 'keep an eye on things' for us, to new visitors enjoying the reserve for the first time. Supporters who buy items from the shop or give a regular donation through their membership, we are all working as a team to protect wildlife for its future and ours. A big THANK YOU to everyone who is doing their bit to save wildlife, whether that's here or elsewhere in the world!

Kingfisher on the reserve - Graham Parry