Today’s post is the last blog post from me as this is my last day working with the RSPB at Dove Stone as the reserve’s Community Engagement worker. What does this mean for the blog ? Well, Dove Stone’s two wardens, site manager and visitor services manager  will be posting all manner of things to the blog between them after today. Happy reading.

On to some recent sightings. Finally a new bird for the 30-minute-birding-series with a Long Tailed Tit on the peanut feeders, bringing our 30-minute-birding total up to 23. Still waiting for my Sparrowhawk and Redpoll at Binn Green ( although I did see 3 Lesser Redpolls earlier in the week next to the feeders at the main car park ). As an aside, the Long Tailed Tit isn’t really closely related to other birds in this group. A bit like how Bearded Tits ( or Bearded Reedlings as they’re sometimes called ) are most closely related to larks. Also seen from the main car park earlier in the week in the adjacent fields was a mixed flock of around 70 Fieldfare and Redwings – perhaps slightly more Fieldfare than Redwings. Also in the flock were about 50+ Starlings. Pretty easy to pick out the Fieldfares from the Redwings from size alone, with Fieldfares being larger, and from their light grey back and rump. Also at the main car park were two Nuthatches and a Jay down Bradbury Lane. Quiet on the main res with just a small number of Black Headed Gulls present.

Back to Binn Green. Earlier in the week there was about 15+ Brambling both on the feeders and ground feeding amongst a large number of Chaffinches. The Brambling have been seen in slightly lesser numbers throughout the week. Other sightings this week at Binn Green are Treecreeper, male and female Great Spotted Woodpecker, good numbers of Goldfinches and Siskin, Blackbird, Greenfinch, Coal, Great and Blue Tit.

30 minute birding at Binn Green.pdf