Every year the RSPB holds a parliamentary reception in Westminster to showcase the organisations work to a number of MPs and peers from around the UK.

This year was no exception, on Wednesday 4th September members of the RSPB Dove Stone team accompanied by representatives from United Utilities, journeyed down to London to showcase the partnership we have at Dove Stone.

With more than 40 MPs and peers in attendance the Dove Stone team discussed the important blanket bog restoration work being carried out: The benefits for wildlife and biodiversity, the benefits for public health and cleaner water quality and the partnerships role in combating Climate Change by sequestering carbon in the form of Sphagnum Moss.

Despite recent events and uncertainty in the commons, demonstrating what can be achieved through our innovative and award winning partnership garnered lots of interest and support at Westminster on the day. 

Pictured: Staff from RSPB Dove Stone and United Utilities at the Parliamentary reception at Westminster.