The Dearne Valley was transformed by sharp frosts and temperatures around -5°C today. Nevertheless, there were some very hardy watchers out there to bring us the sightings!

Here’s today’s summary…

As you can see above, there were surprisingly good sightings for such a cold day. The barn owl in the Tree Sparrow Farm is particularly notable as is the number of shelduck around the reserve.

Yet for many visitors it was Old Moor itself that stole the show. Jack Frost’s work revealed a new beauty in familiar scenes. Karen Williams’ image from Twitter (below) shows what winter really looks like on the reserve. Thanks Karen.

Fellow volunteer Paul Gould captured the stunning transformation of the willow acrobats found near the Bird Garden.

Just to make things even more tricky, at times the frosts were accompanied by some dense fog. So, to finish tonight’s blog, here’s another picture from the witty Mr Gould. This one’s entitled “Another cracking view of Wath Ings.” Thanks Paul.

Time to put down the bins and use your imagination.

Until next time.