Watchers have to work harder to find a bit of gold on a grim and wet day such as today. But, through the misted bins and rain-lashed windows of the hides, there it was!

Here’s what was seen…

Before turning to Old Moor, of interest locally was the sighting of eleven common scoter (including three males) on Manvers Lake, just down the road. These sea ducks were found early this morning but were still there mid-afternoon.

Another talking point today was in the number of swallow spotted both at Edderthorpe and Old Moor. Sixteen were counted along with a solitary house martin. These birds are summer migrants of course, and so to see them still lingering into October feels like a treat. I wonder, will this be the last time they are reported this year?

Golden plover from Paul Jackson. Thanks Paul.

Then there was the welcome sight of golden plover among the lapwings on Wath Ings. There were nineteen this afternoon although counting was made a bit tricky by the appearance of both a buzzard and – only a bit later – a marsh harrier.

And last but not least, this morning saw another visit from a great white egret. I know that these imposing birds are seen far more frequently these days, but it’s still hard not to be impressed by one – especially as today the marsh seemed to be missing a few grey herons.

So, there you have it; a wet day for sure but not without interest. Best of all, tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny one!

Another from Paul Jackson. Thanks again Paul.