Tapping the glass on the Old Moor ‘Species-o-meter’ this evening produced a reading of 48 bird species and one terrific mammal! Here’s the summary…

Once again, bearded tits were seen (and heard) around the Reedbed Trail along with two marsh harriers, a Cetti’s warbler and - well, the peregrine was taken as ‘Red’.

The peregrine in question from Paul Peters via our Facebook Page. Thanks Paul.

Sadly, the recent ‘mealy’ or common redpoll was not seen today, though three lesser redpoll were found in much the same place as the larger flock has been visiting. Maybe visitors tomorrow will be luckier. Until then, here’s a photograph of the mealy from Ian Morris. Thanks Ian.

And the mammal? Some very lucky visitors got a chance to see another of Old Moor’s elusive residents, this time a brown hare. Today this was seen grazing safely in the middle of the reserve. Though we do have regular sightings of these terrific animals, they are too good at lying low to be seen that often.

Before I go this evening, just a quick reminder of that free talk on willow tits tomorrow at Old Moor, 7pm. As ever, book via the Visitor Centre.

Until next time.