Evening Folks! A bit of an odd blog this one (-what d'ya mean, they all are?!) in that the first bit is me but, after todays' summary of sightings, I shall hand over to Graham Figg who has news on some developments at Old Moor.

First up, that all-important summary...

Hello all,

It's Graham Figg here, RSPB Dearne Valley Senior Site Manager. I would like to take this time and opportunity to let you know about a couple of changes that will be happening over the next few weeks.

Old Moor will be undergoing a bit of a transformation, with the aim of improving the onsite facilities to make them more effective. Old Moor is part of an RSPB renewable energy initiative that aims to reduce carbon emissions by 200 tonnes annually – that’s the equivalent of running a light bulb continuously for 2000 years!

This will materialise at Old Moor as we will see the installation of solar panels on our roofs (see the picture below), a new super efficient bio-mass boiler and LED lighting throughout the visitor centre and farmhouse. Not only will these pieces of work massively reduce our carbon emissions and ongoing energy costs it means we will have more money to spend on conservation and the amazing work our teams here do!

Solar panels on the farmhouse, café, activity zone and shop

A reduction in carbon emissions is vital if we are going to reduce the impacts of climate change which is a major threat to wildlife throughout the world, as well as human lives and welfare. The RSPB campaigns vigorously on this by asking governments to cut carbon and public to do the same.

We are already starting to see the effects of climate change at Old Moor, our swallows, swifts and sand martins are all arriving back in the UK an average of 15 days earlier each year. We have seen a huge increase in the numbers of hobby, as well as both little egret and great white egret at Old Moor in the past years.  

With the installation of the panels, LED and a new boiler we will reduce the impact our site has on the climate. There will be some disturbance in and around the visitor centre whilst these works take place, with some restrictions on access likely. We will keep these to a minimum, with only essential works affecting the visitor facilities and for the shortest time possible. We will share specific details about these changes with our visitors as and when have them.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience as this work takes place.

The Old Moor Team.