Evening Folks. So the year of perfect vision is upon us at last! At Old Moor, the eagle-eyed picked out a scaup on Wath Ings today!

Here is today’s summary…

So, if you missed the scaup that visited Old Moor on the Dec 8 last year, here is a second chance. First noticed about 13.00, the bird spent the afternoon in eastern corner of the main marsh and was seen best from Wath Ings Hide.

Other sightings today included a marsh harrier – likely the same bird seen at Edderthorpe Flash earlier in the morning. A peregrine was spotted above the reedbeds and – everyone’s favourite – bearded tits were showing once again near the ‘elbow’ of the Reedbed Trail, where it turns towards the Screen.

Other than that it was business as usual except perhaps for those two sightings from Bolton Ings gull roost.

With a bird species count in the high forties today it was no wonder that Old Moor was so busy. In fact I had to keep reminding myself that it was a Thursday and not the weekend!

Until next time.