This morning’s mists and rain showers were of the ‘no-doubt-about-it-it’s-autumn’ variety. But, as they say, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and in this case, that meant that two sandwich terns took refuge at Wath Ings.

Here’s what else was seen…

Sadly the terns moved on as soon as the weather cleared up a bit. But there was quite a good range of other birds out there today.

Starting in the Garden Hide, the recent coal tit is still visiting the feeders every few minutes. I know, I know, this is not a rarity to some but for whatever reason, it is an unusual bird at Old Moor. Like treecreeper, we don’t get many, so every bird gets attention.

No shortage of grey heron today on Wath Ings

Bittern, bearded tit and Cetti’s were all seen on the Reedbed Trail and the bulk of the remaining sightings come from Wath Ings today.

Oddly enough, the most elusive bird today was a duck! No not the pintail - that was sleeping on the furthest end of the main marsh from the hide. Rather, it was the mandarin ducks, seen this morning around the willow trees on the left of Wath Ings. Shortly after they arrived, the birds went to sleep under the willows and were effectively lost to view.

Waiting for mandarin does have its perks – a curious male blackcap from Wath Ings today

It was also good to see so many golden plover out there today. Somewhere around seventy of them along with hundreds of lapwing.

Yes, there is no denying it now; autumn is well and truly here. Mind you, there is still a bit of warmth in the sun when it does make an appearance, certainly enough to keep those dragons flying for just a bit longer…

Migrant hawker from the Bittern Hide this afternoon

Until next time.