Bright but with blustery, reed-flattening winds out there today! Here’s the summary…

At Edderthorpe today, John Clarkson reported: thirteen shelduck, 113 shoveler, three male pintail, a male goldeneye and a buzzard among other birds. Thanks John.

Paul Dennis added peregrine to that list at Edderthorpe – and subtracted one from the total of lapwing seen! Thanks Paul.

A pair of very handsome common gull from Ian Morris. Thanks Ian.

At Old Moor, the gusty winds made for a very choppy Mere. Not that this - or the chilly waters - deterred a male goldeneye from his extravagant courtship displays!

To signal his intentions to a female, the male goldeneye throws back his head in what always looks to me like a potentially neck-snapping slap. Then, timed beautifully, he kicks his heels in the water and makes a splash with his feet. The larger the better.

As if this weren’t enough, with his neck stretched upwards, the drake quacks skywards - before checking to see if any female nearby has actually noticed this incredible display!

I know it’s hard to imagine all that if you haven’t seen it, so from the Mere today, here’s one drake’s best moves!

Now the question I know you’re asking yourself is, “Did it work?” Did anyone notice this incredible performance?

I’ll leave the answer to that up to you – and any captions for the final pic!

Until next time.