My Lunch Break Birding by Harriet Day

A quick hour at one of my favourite nature reserves, Old Moor after work, ties and other responsibilities, it had begun to to feel like there weren't enough hours in the day, to spend time on my favourite hobby, bird watching! After 12 months of not visiting Old Moor I appreciated the changes. Within my time I was fortunate to watch a Little Grebe that appeared to be having his lunch break too catching lots of fish that was restocked in the marsh. Watching from the reed bed hide. Followed by the pinging sounds of the Bearded tits, a steady walk to the Bittern hide while I was distracted by the sound of flocks, of Goldfinches plucking the seeds from the teasels. Meanwhile the elusive White-throats was singing almost the reed beds before making their appearance the adult male with his pale grey head, bright white throat perched high up on a sedge making his appearance known. I believe there happens to be 12 acres of reed bed at Old Moor encouraging good birds such as Marsh harriers, Sedge warblers, Cetti's warblers and not to mention the breeding Bitterns that I have too seen in the past, between feeding flights for their young.

Little Grebe on its 'lunch break          Harriet Day

Goldfinch plucking seeds        Harriet Day

Grey Heron      Harriet Day

The wader scrape that I feel covers a great deal of the marsh. Glaring through my binoculars I could see a row of Curlews just standing among at least 100 Lapwings. Watching two Greenshanks three Snipe, probing the sand for food, the Heron flies in and suddenly the flock of Lapwings lift! A closer look and the Peregrine seems to be the culprit. I looked at the time I had ten minutes before leaving. I suppose “time flies when you're having fun”! It was also nice to chat with the familiar faces, the volunteers and the birdwatchers. I know you shouldn't put a time on bird watching but unfortunately for me I had too but the amount of incredible birds I saw, not forgetting to mention the weasel I crossed paths with, I went back to work feeling refreshed. Fanatics feeling, visiting the place where my interest in birds started for me!

Curlew     Harriet Day