We are once again entering a lock down across England. 


Although we were expecting this, it doesn't mean it's easy. We have picked through the legislation and we are making some changes to the offer here at Old Moor

First of all, our shop. 

From 5 November until further notice, the shop and visitor centre will be closed. Our retail store is classed as non-essential, and so we have had to pack up our wares for now. 

You can however still have your shopping delivered direct to your door via our online shop

The café will remain open for take away only. There will be a reduced menu, but we will have a range of hot and cold food, drinks and sweet treats.

The toilets will remain open! (Phew!)

on to the reserve

All of the trails as well as the play area will remain open.

Sadly, our hides fall under the same classification as our other indoor spaces (the reason you're not allowed to smoke in them!) and as such also have to close. The open screens including Tree Sparrow Farm will remain open. 

Pond dipping will also stop for now. 

Four weeks and a bit of luck and we will be back up and running at full strength. Thank you for your support and understanding throughout all of the changes that we have lived through over the last few months.