Hello again. Last Saturday our WEX group held their last meeting of the year. Unsurprisingly they had a Christmas party! Freddie was there and here is his report. Thanks very much Freddie for all your blogs this year and a thank you to Evelyn too.



This month at WEX we had our WEXMAS PARTY!!! Every Christmas at WEX we all gather together to do fun activities with party food at the end. It is always lots of fun!

Firstly, I painted a pine cone rainbow colours. It started red at the bottom and ended with purple at the top. I also added some glitter. My dad made two, one red and one green. We added string so that they could be hung from our Christmas tree. Here is a picture.

I also made a beautiful card which had a picture of Castle Hill (a big tower on a hill near us) on the front. Here is a picture.

Next, we went outside to find some of the stone carvings throughout the courtyard at Old Moor and in the café. I never knew they were there! Some of the stone carvings were a bear, a newt, a frog, a duck, a bat, a bird, a very strange statue on the roof which looked like a bird of prey’s head, an alive face wearing a headdress (not really), an ear and a very un-noticeable pig coming out of the wall in the café!

Here are some pictures of them.



Nicola here...It's amazing what you can find around the VC. How many of you have noticed all these? I know I hadn't noticed many of them before they were pointed out to me...


John told us the carvings were very old. We looked on the internet and found that the farm house was probably built in the 18th century but it didn’t say anything about the carvings. If you know anything more about them please tell me in the comments below! 

After that we went back inside the classroom and we had some party food! Some of the things I had were: carrots, tomatoes, apple juice and gingerbread men. Finally, I picked up my pine cones and my card and set off to the other hides.

I hope everyone has a very happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas!

Or (Nicola here), in words of WEX... 

PS. Freddie & dad Simon made this animated gif of the stone face in head-dress at OM. Pretty good I reckon & fingers crossed that it works in the blog.