Hello again, our WEX group met a week or so ago and once again we have lovely writing from Freddie who tells us all about what they did.

Over to Freddie :) 

This time at WEX we did all about different birds in different places and other RSPB reserves. Firstly, we listed all of the nature reserves that we could remember visiting. Here is a picture of my list:-

On the back of the sheet were 14) Whit Moor common and 15) Bempton Cliffs.

After that I made a list of my favourite birds and where I saw them. This included a Waxwing at Huddersfield Tesco, a Hawfinch at Newlands Corner in Surrey, a bullfinch at Old Moor, a blackbird in my garden and Egyptian Geese at London Wetland Centre.

I also tried to find out which was the biggest RSPB visitor centre and I estimated that it was Saltholme although I haven’t been there. Do any blog readers know the answer? Please let me know in the comments below the blog.

Next, we looked at different nature reserves around the country and the different work they do. One of them was called Loch Garten in Scotland and I would love to go there because I am very excited about Ospreys! We played pin the reserve on the map of Britain so that we could find out where all the reserves were. We also had pictures of birds which we matched up with their correct reserve.

Next, we went out on the reserve because it was a nice sunny day. In the tree sparrow farm, some of the birds we saw were bullfinches, great tits, goldfinches, reed buntings and tree sparrows. Someone saw a brambling and a redpoll. We also went to the Bittern hide where we saw goosanders, shovelers, gadwalls, mallards, cormorants and a little grebe. Also George, one of the other WEX group members, took a photo of a coot in flight and it looked very spectacular!

Lastly, we went back to the classroom to draw a picture of a bird reserve we had been to or imagined! I made an imaginary nature reserve with lots of different habitats. Here is a picture of it and a map.


I would love to design my own nature reserve one day and be the manager!

Nicola here again....Thank you Freddie! I'm sure that you will have enjoyed reading all about what happened at WEX in February and who knows, maybe Freddie will be a reserve manager one day :) 

  • Excellent. The list of reserves is impressive - I can only add one or two more and I’ve been birding much longer than you!

    i’ve been to Saltholme and it has a massive modern VC. Minsmere is pretty big too - sort of sprawls on the hillside. I wonder which is the biggest actual RSPB reserve? A bit of research for you!

    I went to Loch Garten many years ago and was lucky enough to see an osprey. Closer to home, Rutland Water is good for them. 

    If you can get there, I recommend a visit to Frampton Marsh, Titchwell and, if you are feeling like a long walk, Snettisham. 

    Keep up the good work. :)

  • What a great blog Freddie. I have never thought of designing my own nature reserve but I might have a go now.