A day when Old Moor was not only busy with birds, but with work starting on the car park, the play area and the wildlife ponds.

Here’s the summary of sightings from the day…

Ever wondered why this blog gets published about nine in the evening? – It’s to allow time for all those late sightings to come in. And tonight was a case in point. Around dusk tonight, on Bolton Ings, there was the ‘other end’ of the roost that I mentioned in my last blog.

Tonight, roosting on Bolton Ings were: 180 great black-backed gulls; three lesser black-backs; one adult Caspian; and one scaup. Now that was worth waiting for!

Other than that, the sightings from today are as above.

It’s also worth mentioning that work has begun to improve Old Moor’s car park. At the moment, half the original car park is available to visitors and most of the overflow. Be aware on your next visit that the layout of the car park is a bit different for the moment.

Thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund grant, there will be quite a bit of work going on over the next weeks and months. Exciting times ahead!

  • Wealth of knowledge that is! 
    Also, no idea why  managed to get into the first post....

  • It was good to see the HLF work getting into full swing with work taking place on several fronts. I’m looking forward to when it’s done as it will revitalise the reserve and add a few more areas for visitors that have been currently inaccessible. Have a look at the plans in the VC and notices out on the reserve.

    There is an aim to attract and encourage the younger visitors...so important as it is they that will carry the conservation torch in the future and we must ensure that our wealth is passed on to them whilst we can.

  • To add to the list, on Cat Hill Rd at Broomhill there was flocks of 30+ redwing, 15+ Ltt, in trees along the river, 3 mistle thrush on the wooden pylon, several pied wags in the fields on either sidand 2 kestrel over and chasing each other. I later saw one in a tree top eating prey - looked like a vole. Walking back, there was a wren in the brambles and at least 1 goldcrest in the bushes oppose the sluice. A nice haul for a 20min stroll!