Autumn is changeable and today the Dearne Valley’s weather was a far cry from the sunshine of Sunday. But never fear, we have hardy watchers here who go out in all weathers to bring you the sightings!

Here’s what was seen…

I had to check that I was awake when I read the first news of the day. Two great white egrets were seen on Edderthorpe Flash this morning. Two! In November!... World’s gone mad I tell ye.

As well as whistling, wigeon are famously noisy eaters!

At Old Moor in the Tree Sparrow Farm today were bullfinch, greenfinch, reed bunting, redwing and – at least one- tree sparrow. This I know will be a relief to many visitors who have mentioned that sightings of them seemed a bit ‘sparse’ of late.

Despite the weather, a bearded tit was seen on the Reedbed Trail along with a single Cetti’s warbler. Sadly, there was no bittern sighting today that I know of.

Lapwings and that murky sky!

Fieldfare finally made an appearance along with redwing and song thrush on Green Lane but the main changes today were on the Mere. Here two goosander joined three goldeneye at least for part of the day. The goosander then relocated to Wath Ings and then left mid-afternoon, heading towards Wombwell Ings.

Synchronised shovelers on Wath Ings this afternoon

So, as it turned out, not a bad set of sightings for a rainy one. I shall finish off tonight with an image of the autumn colour at Old Moor. One from our very own warden, Heather Bennett, in fact. Heather, in common with many visitors to the reserve at present, was struck by the sheer beauty of the place today. Even on a dreary day, those autumn colours are brilliant right now and well worth seeing in their own right. You never know, those skies could clear at any moment!

Until next time.

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