Evening Folks! It was another beautiful winter’s day in the Dearne Valley with plenty of sun - even if the big coats were finally getting some use.

First, the summary of the day’s sightings…

In the reedbeds today, along with that singing Cetti’s were (yet again) ‘pinging’ beardies. I’d almost given up hope of seeing them today when their calls alerted listeners to a location about 30m north of ‘Bittern Bus stop’.

A male bearded tit on the Reedbed Trail

Another highlight for many visitors today were the redwings. Flocks of these terrific thrushes could be seen near the River Dearne (towards the rear of the reserve) and on Green Lane, the path that runs between the Family Hide and Wath Ings.

Snipe at the base of the willows at Wath Ings today

But the biggest kerfuffle of the day came when a large flock of greylag geese appeared this afternoon from the direction of Bolton Ings. Looking terrific in the sunshine and calling as they descended, they landed almost as one on the Mere.

Keen-eyed watchers scanned the flock and soon realised that they weren’t all greylags. In among the fifty-or-so more common grey geese, were six pink-footed geese and a bean goose.

Yes, it seemed the bean goose and its pink pals were back at Old Moor after spending over two weeks around Adwick Washland, Broomhill Flash and Wombwell Ings.

And it has to be said the sight of so many grey geese on the Mere was quite something, especially on a sunny day!

So, to finish tonight’s blog, here’s a sample of what that looked like.

Until next time.

(Front row) Adult pink, pink, bean, pink, greylag (with pink behind!)