‘Boom’ – and we’re off! Yep, visitors to Old Moor today reported not tentative bittern ‘grunts’ but proper, full-throated booms! But that was just one of the sixty bird species recorded today. More in a moment, but first the summary of sightings…

And the sightings news from Adwick Washland can be found here and came via Nigel Smith. Thanks Nigel. Accompanying Nigel’s tweet, was this photo from the keen eyes of Gary Stones. Nice observation there Gary!

Back at Old Moor, among other things, it was a day for both hearing and seeing green woodpeckers. Reported around the western edges of the reserve, at least two – perhaps three – of these striking birds were seen today.

Green woodpecker at Bolton Ings today

This afternoon not one, but two peregrines could be seen at Old Moor. The first was seen on the pylon beside the Reedbed Screen. At the same time, a second bird was perched on the Mere. The latter clearly had a red ring on its left leg although any lettering on that ring was invisible even with a scope.

How many peregrines today?

But for many visitors to Old Moor, today’s ‘hotspot’ was the Tree Sparrow Farm. Here, a large mixed flock of (mainly) finches and buntings was enjoyed by many watchers. In among the reed bunting, chaffinch, greenfinch, bullfinch and goldfinch were two yellowhammer and two brambling.

That close

Feeding just a few meters from the screen, this was a terrific chance for visitors to see these normally shy birds, up close.

So, to finish off tonight’s ramblings, here’s a snap of one of the yellowhammers...

...and one of the two brambling today.

Until next time