It is an old proverb and I remember my Gran saying it. So that is a long time ago. You would be surprised by how many times over my years that saying has been born out and this year is no exception and now the lion has returned in April hopefully not for to long.

Another proverb which is fairly self evident is

Our geese numbers went through a steep increase during March across Wigtown Bay to around 13000 Pinks and Barnies from the doldrums this year of 3000 and 4000 respectively back if January and February this may be because of the better weather and a movement of birds from east to west getting ready for there journey back to the breeding grounds. This weather might put a halt to that though.

As for our summer visitors and breeders. Well the species that have been with us all winter enjoyed the warmer weather and the lapwing, redshank and wildfowl started there displays and calling and started their dispersal from flocks to pairs but as I alluded to earlier this cold snap and north easterly wind has put a stop to that which gives us another saying.

When the Wind is in the East


When the wind is in the east,

'Tis neither good for man nor beast;

When the wind is in the north,

The skillful fisher goes not forth;

When the wind is in the south,

It blows the bait in the fishes' mouth;

When the wind is in the west,

Then 'tis at the very best.

Rarities: 1 green winged teal this gives us 3 across D&G 1 at WWT Caerlaverock, 1 at RSPB Mersehead and 1 at RSPB Crook of Baldoon.  

As to our summer visitors well our first swallow was back on the 29th March and chiffchaff are back as of the 1st April. Also on the 1st April 4 black tailed godwits.