The sun begins to set and the woodland – well how can I describe what the woodland does? The woodland begins to buzz. It’s like the whole woodland and all of its creatures takes a collective, excitable intake of breath. Soon, it will be night.

Coombes Valley Visitor Centre as the night draws in - Coombes Valley images

Woodlands are wild - wild with all their roaming predators like badgers and foxes, trying to catch their elusive and darting prey, which are always one step ahead. At least most of them are. They have to be that step ahead if they want to survive. Woodlands are wild with their rising trees, competing for and dominating the sunlight. With their creeping plants using spindly but ever grasping fingers to cling to anything they can reach. Mosses and lichens carpet the floor, walls and even trunks.

Clough meadow with mist rising off the woodland in the background - C. Capewell 

Yeah woodlands are wild – but they’re even wilder at night.

What comes out at night? - Becky Austin

At night the woodland and all of its creatures are unapologetic. They don't hide and pander to the visitors of the day. At night the creatures rule the wood. At night the creatures and the woodland rule @RSPBCoombes.

Would you dare to take a step into their world?

Tracking bats - RSPB images

Would you dare to not only take a step into their world but to TRACK them through it? To see who is about and where they go when no one is watching? Would you dare to CATCH them? How about do all of this and then celebrate by toasting marshmallows and toast to the ever secretive, elusive, beckoning and beautiful woodland and all of its creatures with a mug of well-deserved hot chocolate?

Moth trapping is a great way to captivate children and get them close to wacky and colourful wildlife - RSPB images

Well you better get down to Coombes Valley because #bigwildsleepout is doing just that!

Don’t miss out it is going to be wild.