So I spent my first day at Coombes exploring the reserve on a long walk around the Woodcock trail. I quickly realised that there’s so much to discover here.  With every minute there was something new and exciting to look at; from the various types of fungi, to the cool spider webs! And for those big kids (and little kids) amongst us, the play trail never stops delivering hidden gems. I was particularly enchanted by the secret fairy village.

Mysterious Fungi in the Fairy Village - Becky Blackman

As the new Visitor Experience Intern here I will be spending the next few months exploring and enjoying this magical place. After spending five months at RSPB Bempton Cliffs, the woodlands here make a big change from the towering cliffs and thousands of noisy seabirds. I am really excited to learn more about the woodlands and the wildlife here at Coombes.

On my first ever walk around the Woodcock trail and I was quickly fascinated by all the fungi on route! It really is unbelievable just how many different shapes, sizes, colours and forms they come in!

Here is a selection of just a few snaps I took along the way. Points to whoever can ID them – I’m still learning!


So many different colours -Becky Blackman 

Fungus making the most of  an old tree stump - Becky Blackman

Fungi City - Becky Blackman 

As with all good walks, there should always be some good stopping spots to take a break and enjoy the view. Here at Coombes there is definitely no shortage of benches situated in the perfect location for enjoying the scenery. Of course, I had to try them all out! After a lot of consideration, Buzzard Bank has to be my number one bench spot! With amazing views and buzzards soaring above us, I could have stayed there all day. This photo doesn’t do it justice, however with a new camera to boot; I am determined to get some great photos over the coming weeks from my number one bench spot.   

My favorite spot - Becky Blackman

Autumn is a great time for bird watching and with the arrival of fieldfare, redwing and brambling to name just a few, the next few weeks are going to see lots of changes. I’m also pretty keen to catch a glimpse of the illusive red and roe deer that are known to roam the reserve.

So, with my wellies on, there is no better place for me to go out and enjoy the wonders of autumn and keep you up to date on all things coombes over the next few months.