It's official, spring has arrived! The summer migrants are BACK and with lots of other wildlife sightings Coombes isn't short of exciting wildlife this time of year. One visitor described Coombes as chiffchaff woods last week, a sure sign of spring! 

As usual the willow warblers were first to be heard, and seen, on April 15th. Soon after the redstart began making appearances down near Clough Meadow Cottage! Sunday April 17th was however, the most exciting day of the year (so far), with several sightings of pied flycatchers! Regular appearances were reported close to Pooh Sticks bridge.  With several sightings of grey wagtail and dipper down at the brook it definitely seems to be worth spending some time down in the valley. 

willow warbler - photo by S Brown 

pied flycatcher - -photo by David Tolliday

Not to be outdone, this week has also been great for mammal spotting! There have also been reports of weasels and stoats on the reserve as well as red deer (all of which have been spotted from the visitor center).

There have even been a few warm sunny days, which have been perfect for catching a glimpse of the common lizards. 

There have also been lots of reports of our more regular visitors including sparrowhawk, buzzard, raven, willow tit, treecreeper, nuthatch, coal tit, great tit, blue tit, goldfinch, chaffinch, great woodpeckers, bullfinch, mistle thrush. blackcap and dunnock.