The 8th of November saw the return of Fungal Punk Dave to help us out on our Fungal Foray. The walk took us through the Churnet reserve and up to Bellpit Meadows.  Thank you to everyone that came along, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  With a total of 96 species there was plenty to discover throughout the walk. One of my favorites was blushing bracket, which we came across a few times as we walked up to Bellpit. 

blushing bracket – Becky Blackman

Common earthballs were also spotted on several occasions, along with clouded agaric, jelly ear, olive oysterling, common bonnet, wood blewit and coral spot.  

Investigating some wood that seemed to be covered in an array of different Fungi


On our way to Bellpit Meadows – Becky Blackman

Bellpit Meadows was a lovely spot to have a quick break and have a look at our new land which was purchased through Heritage Lottery Funding.  It was great to share with the Fungal Foray crowd how we are going to use this land as a buffer for the Churnet.

We did see a few signs of the popular fly agaric, unfortunately they weren’t looking their best as it is quite late in the year for them.  But it was great to know that they had been there and where might be good place to have a look next autumn.  Candle snuff was also a big favourite for our younger attendees as they looked just like some little fairies had put their candles out the night before.  Perhaps we should keep an eye out for candle snuff in the Fairy Village at Coombes Valley.  Just as an added bonus, someone also spotted a wingless female winter moth!

We still have a few samples of what we found on the day in the visitor centre which will be there for the next few days.