On 14 April 1995, after years of initial development, RSPB Conwy nature reserve opened it's gates to the public. Throughout April, we want to commemorate this milestone, and celebrate our 25th anniversary with you! As part of this celebration, we will be sharing what RSPB Conwy means to the people at the heart of the reserve - our fantastic staff (both past and present), and our amazing volunteers. Each blog has been written by various members of our team, as they share with us what RSPB Conwy means to them. We hope that you will enjoy these unique insights, and join us in celebrating 25 years of giving nature a home!

 Libet Williams - Volunteer

I have been involved with RSPB Conwy since the start and a volunteer litter picker for over 10 years.

I love the beauty that surrounds you and the variety of physical features, estuary, mountains, woods and lagoons with all the natural features  and associated wildlife attached. When you walk round there is something different to see and to distract you from everyday thoughts every time. RSPB Conwy provides me with mental therapy as well as exercise and social support from all the friends that I have  made there over the years, regular users as well as colleagues. I have many friends who stay with me regularly and they all ask to join me in my litter picking walks or in coffee breaks and appreciate the fresh air, special atmosphere and beauty of Conwy nature reserve.

Bill Kneale - Volunteer / Past Field Teacher

Thinking about memories of the reserve this comes to my mind about when I was a field teacher here. We were trying for accreditation as a centre for outdoor learning especially for foundation national curriculum. Prior to the inspection we forwarded detailed plans, aims, objectives, content and achievement methods. The day of the inspection arrived, Liz Griffiths and myself were teaching, I think the school was a regular one from Nantwitch.

The inspector was very keen on the two groups getting from one activity to another promptly. In doing so, with the inspector with me I led my group quickly along the path to the café. But then I stopped everyone, In the long grasses of the bank 6 spot Burnet moths were emerging from their cocoons and I felt that the children experiencing this was much more important than hurrying on. Fortunately the inspector agreed, wildlife amazed us and we got our registration certificate. One of the first in Wales, if not the first!