Yesterday from 17:15 to 18:00, Murray undertook a bird count from Allen's Hill at RSPB Cliffe Pools.  It was a mild day, mostly cloudy with occasional sun and a fresh south-westerly wind.
3 Barnacle Geese (still present on grazing marsh north of pools), 148 Shelduck, 95 Shoveler, 1 Scaup (female on Black-Barns 4), 1 Spoonbill (roosting on Flamingo Pool), 260 Avocet (high tide roost of 175 on Flamingo Pool and 85 on Hidden/Radar Pool island), 450 Dunlin (high tide roost on islands), 1650 Black-tailed Godwit (high tide roost on Ski/Hidden Pool islands.  A superb mass of reddish brown!), 330 Redshank (high tide roost on islands).