Blue Route path  flanked by wildflower seeded bunds.

Wildflower seeds sown in Spring by the Campfield Thursday Work party, along the muddy bunds which protect the path from the electrified predator fence, are now in full bloom. And what a splendid sight they are - most spirit uplifting!

If you only do one walk this season - this is a must. The Route starts off from the car park, through the Discovery Field and carries on to the top of the hill. Thereafter this 1.5mile walk continues round the farmland and is initially flanked by these seeded bunds which contain a flowering mixture of Corn Marigold, Corn Cockle, Common Red Poppies, Scentless Mayweed and Ox-eye Daisies. The wide mown path invites you further via the far arable field and thence on to the hide (not yet open) where more wildflower bunds flank its sides.

You then have the choice of returning to the car park via the Lonning or carrying on round the Red Route (another mile or so) across the raised blog by means of the boardwalk.

Either way will have been an easy Summer walk. Access to the Reserve is free but donations are always welcome and can be placed in the collecting box in the car park.