2th July

Lapwings and corvids round new saltmarsh lagoons.

Shelduck landing on the mudflats.

Shelduck foraging on the mudflats . . .

. . . large numbers have been gathering along this strip of the Solway.

5th July.

Shelduck and Mallard on mudflats.

6th July.

Common Buzzard flying over Paisley Pools.

Greylags taking off  . . .

. . . and flying over Paisley Pools.

Reedmace on Farm Pond - showing male (light) and female (dark) flower heads.

 Red Admiral Butterfly on the overcast day - also on farm Pond.

Goldfinch in bright summer plumage - along the Lonning hedge.

8th July.

Curlew flock taking off from the saltmarsh.

Haaf-netters and Cormorants near the viaduct - on the incoming tide.

Oystercatcher roost near the boundary fence.

9th July.

Barn Owl hunting the saltmarsh at dusk.

11th July

Juvenile Tree Sparrow eating sunflower seed on hamlet feeder.

Redshank and Spotted Redshank near Port Carlisle.

Shelduck, Black-headed Gulls, Oystercatchers, Redshank and Dunlin - near Port Carlisle.

12th July

Canada Goose and goslings on Paisley Pool.

Grey Heron foraging the margins of Paisley Pools.

Greenfinch and Tree Sparrow on hamlet seed feeder . . .

. .  . along with female Bullfinch.

Adults and eight juvenile Greylag geese landing on Holton Fen. 

Perhaps the had bred here!

Rabbit along the Lonning.

 Oystercatchers and juvenile on International Pools.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly basking in sunshine on Lonning track.

Male Small Skipper at Port Carlisle.

Long-billed Dowitcher west of Port Carlisle Harbour.

Whimbrel and Redshank amongst seaweed, Port Carlisle.