Over the last few days of high tides the saltmarsh and its new lagoons have been flooded. This has attracted large numbers of waders and wildfowl to its midst resulting in thousands of Geese (mainly Barnacles), Oystercatchers and Lapwing. It is pleasing to see that the substantial remodelling which took place over the last Autumn and Winter is paying dividends.

17 10 20

Greylags landing on Saltmarsh Pool.

Greylags on Saltmarsh Pool.

Barnacles on the mudflats.

Mallards on the new lagoons.

Oystercatchers on mudflats.

Shoveler off Scargavel Point.

Wigeon on Saltmarsh Pool.

Record shot of Osprey flying off east over the flooded marshes.

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Barnacles flying in . . .

. . . to new lagoons with waders and Grey Heron beyond . . .

. . . joined by Teal.

Teal foraging amongst the rushes.

Wigeon and Mallard coming in with the tide.

Oystercatcher movement at high tide.

19 10 20 

Barnacles on saltmarsh with leucistic bird.

Leucistic Barnacle..

Barnacles bathing on flooded saltmarsh.

Barnacles, some 4000 in total, with nine Little Egrets on flooded lagoons.

Eight of nine Greylags on Saltmarsh Pool.

Wigeon foraging along flood saltmarsh.

Fieldfare and Redwing flocks had been gleaning haws along the saltmarsh early morning.