1st June

Large Skipper Butterfly

4th June

Male Whitethroat in full song.

5th June.

Birds on Centre feeders.

Canada Geese with goslings on Paisley Pools.

Kestrel hunting over saltmarsh.

Grey Heron foraging on Paisley Pools

Oystercatcher nesting on newly excavated area of saltmarsh.

6th June.

Willow Warbler catching insects.

Bees and flies attracted to Hemlock Water Dropwort flowers.

Immature female Azure Damselfly.

Male Pheasant's plumage catching the sunlight.

7th June.

Shelduck foraging at dusk on the mudflats.

8th June.

Wetlands Centre closed during lockdown.

Black-headed Gull roost on the saltmarsh.

Canada Geese and goslings - north end of Paisley Pools.

Female Canada Goose and goslings.

Discovery Zone viewed from the Pool.

Wildflower meadow.

Dingy Shell Moth on Buttercup.

Male Azure Damselfly.

Weary looking male Great Tit along Lonning hedgerow.

Nesting Oystercatcher with unwelcome onlooker.

Swallow on predator fence.

11th June.

Haaf-netting season has started.

Kestrel hunting over the saltmarsh.

Shelduck on mudflats.


Kale in flower in arable field near the Centre. It is a good source of nectar for Bees and Butterflies at the present but will provide seed for declining farmland birds such as Linnets and Reed Buntings, over the coming winter.

Also Bistort flowering in the same field.

Nice clumps of Tufted Vetch are flowering along the Lonning . . .

 . .  and Marjorie tells me that this is an Early Bumblebee (either a worker or a second generation queen) which was nectaring on the flowers.

Deadly Nightshade in flower along the hedgerows.

Dog Roses are flowering along the hedgerows now.

Green-veined White Butterfly along the Lonning.

The beautiful underwing of a Red Admiral Butterfly.

Swallow catching insects over the farm.

Oystercatchers incubating eggs on the saltmarsh. First noticed them here on the 5th June. Apparently both birds take turns in the incubation process which is 24-27 days, so might observe chicks by the end of the month, if they are successful.

14th June.

Canada Geese and goslings on Paisley Pool.

Dunnock foraging near the arable field gate.

Willow Warbler fledgling.

Swallow using the old grain silo near the farm as a handy resting place.

Red Admiral on thistles.

Large Skipper.

Male Speckled Wood Butterfly. 

Meadow Brown on Lonning vegetation.

Male Azure Damselfly.