15th June

Chiffchaff with caterpillar on saltmarsh.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly nectaring among the Lonning vegetation.

Latticed Heath Moth (day flying)  along the marsh edge.

Silver Y Moth on foxglove leaves along the saltmarsh.

Teneral Azure Damselfly

17th June.

Red sunrise over the saltmarsh forecasting deteriorating weather later in the day.

Thunderclouds over the marsh later.

16th June.

Little Egret and Lapwings round new saltmarsh lagoons.

Little Egret round new saltmarsh lagoon.

Curlew foraging along the saltmarsh.

Goldfinch hunting along Lonning hedge.

 Red Admiral nectaring on bramble flowers.

Small Tortoiseshell basking in the sunshine.

18th June.

Scorpion Fly, panorpa communis on roadside vegetation . . .

. . . males sometimes hold rear segments above their body in scorpion-like manner - hence the name.

9th June

Junior Great Spotted Woodpecker learning to forage by watching adult extracting buried peanuts. . .

. . . and resting or was it just getting bored!

Later in the day on roadside telephone pole.

20th June.

Froglets were on the move across the Lonning.

Kestrel on dried up International Pools . . .

. . .  hunting small froglets.

Pouncing on them from the air -

- again and again.

Male Large Skipper on Cock's Foot - its caterpillar foodplant.

Female Speckled Wood Butterfly basking in the sunlight.

Little Egret fishing on Saltmarsh Pools.

Oystercatcher still on nest on Saltmarsh.

21st June.

Speckled Wood from a 2nd brood - darker than earlier brood.

24th June.

A group of Teal - perhaps a family - among the reeds in front of the hide.

Male Azure Damselfly on reeds in Centre Pond.

Canada Geese with goslings round Paisley Pools


Grey Heron foraging on Holton Fen.

Oystercatcher with juveniles on International Pools meadows.

Oystercatcher family on International Pools area.

Female Roe Deer inside predator fence to International Pools - grazing near cattle.

Juvenile Blackbird foraging along the Lonning with its parent.

Juvenile Blue Tit foraging along the Lonning vegetation.

Painted Lady basking in sunshine on the Lonning track. First one seen this season.

Small Tortoiseshell also enjoying the sunshine . . .

. . . and showing its beautiful underwing.

Male Large Skipper in arable field.

Red Admiral on track.

Meadow Brown in arable field.

Speckled Wood - territorial male perching in the sunlight.

Second brood Speckled Woods on viewpoint to Paisley Pools.

Queen Tree Bumblebee (B. hypnorum) collecting pollen from Bramble flowers.

27th June.

Shelduck and Redshank on the tideline.

29th June

Buzzard hunting along the new saltmarsh lagoons.

An inundation of Jackdaws to the saltmarsh.

30th June.

Common Carpet Moth among trackside vegetation.

Meadow Brown - can be seen flying in overcast conditions.

Red Admiral also flies when it is overcast.

Juvenile Oystercatchers on their own in the International Pools area.

Knapweed in flower in the wildflower meadow.

Meadow Cranesbill now flowering in the wildflower meadow.

Ox-eye Daisy in flower.

Yellow Rattle has done a great job at suppressing lank grasses from these meadows.

Wildflowers, sown along the bunds of the Blue Route by the Thursday workparty, are now coming in to bloom.

Corn Cockle, Cornflower and Corn Marigold are amongst them . . .

. . . as well as Common Red Poppy and Scentless Mayweed.