Autumn is making itself know! That's been pretty obvious over the last week or so. Particularly the 600 strong flock of fieldfare that flew in front of the hide on Monday. We've also had redwing about as well. As Marjorie's blog at the beginning of the week mentions we have been seeing flocks of whoopers in the area which have also been roosting at Campfield. They are best seen in the morning coming out of roost from in front of the hide or the meadow pool. 

pic: G Thomas

The usual cry of 'what's about?' can be answered with one word ....raptors! It's been brilliant for them recently. There has been at least one sighting of Hen harrier every day with one possibly two ring-tails in the area. I've also had in one sitting - kestrel, two different sparrow hawks, merlin and on the same day goshawk reported to me (we won't mention the brief moment I was out of the hide when this appeared). Thanks to Gav Thomas our Regional Ecologist for that sighting!

It's worth having a sit in the hide if the hundreds of teal and duck aren't enough to keep you entertained you may get a glimpse of something else!