The Exmoor ponies have been welcomed back on the reserve, 15 ponies are here for the summer to graze the heath. They do an important job on keeping the purple moor grass grazed as well as taking some of the scrub, this all creates perfect habitat for nesting and feeding for our heathland birds. Please remember that these are wild ponies so do not try to feed them as it cause them to become ill.  

Ponies being let back out on to the reserve.

Summer migrants have started to return to Broadwater Warren, although we are still yet to see nightjar or spotted flycatchers but they should return in the next week or so. Blackcaps, whitethroats and garden warblers can be heard in the scrub across the site. Tree pipits can be seen carrying out their parachuting displays on the heathland, have a look on your left as you exit the car park through the white trail. Other species to look out for on the heath include the usual woodlark, stonechat and yellowhammer.

A new species was added to our bird list for the reserve, when 16 Mediterranean gulls flew over the reserve, which brings us up to 93 species for the reserve since we required the site in 2007.

Flowering plants are also starting to emerge along the paths and in the woodland, such as bluebells. A lot of the species found on the paths can be easily overlooked so take a minute to have a search for species like the yellow flowering tormentil or scarlet pimpernel and lousewort (pictured below) 

(Left- Lousewort, Right- Scarlet pimpernel)

Please let us know of any sightings you may have on the reserve.