Finally made it to Hollesley!

It could not have been a more beautiful March day on the east coast - it really felt as though Spring had arrived and it seemed that all our coastal birdlife was out to make the most of the weather while it lasted:  Limpy and I therefore made a much overdue visit to the lovely reserve at Hollesley, and it was well worth the effort:

This curlew was one of the first birds we saw - even better, it didn't scarper!

This crow gave me the ultimate treat of seeing his beautiful feathers gleaming in the sunshine.

'Let's hold feet.'  I've seen some interesting romantic gestures, but this?

There were a few gadwalls about.

'What do you mean, what did I say to them?  Credit me with some subtlety and tact.'

Who's this?

A lovely oystercatcher having a bath!

This male pintail decided I would have to make do with just his bum today.  Perverse bird.

'This new diet you've been telling me about.  Are you sure it's gull friendly?'

I bet the first person to think of the line 'poetry in motion' had watched swans in flight.


There were a few avocets about, though they weren't coming very close.

Another photogenic crow!

The Godfather manages to turn up anywhere that's coastal!

Enjoy, as always.

Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.