Yesterday, 5 volunteers from Belfast Harbour spent the day helping out in Portmore Lough Reserve in the fen restoration project. The task was to remove willow scrub and other tree cuttings to enhance the habitat and make the land more hospitable for plants, insects and birds. 

Volunteers working hard!

Volunteers hard at work!

Amy and Kat

Portmore Lough Warden Amy leading the way!

It was hard work but we all had fun and it was a great opportunity to learn more about the conservation works delivered at Portmore Lough.

 Volunteers 1 - Invasive scrub 0

Volunteers 1 - Invasive scrub 0

In the future, we will be looking at developing work days on other reserves and areas managed by the RSPB so there will be more opportunities for fun days out volunteering! 

If you want to get involved in this project or any other projects run by the RSPB, don’t hesitate to check our volunteering website page here or by contacting the volunteering development team in Belvoir in here.