If you have been down to the reserve in the past couple of days, you may have noticed that a few changes are starting to take place. If not, I can fill you in. There are now tall wooden posts lining the edge of the Observation Room, the Roadside Hide and the Trackside Hide. These are the first things to happen prior to the developments due to happen over the winter, which will see the installation of two brand new hides and an extension to the Observation Room. The posts will eventually hold a screen in front of each of the areas of work, which will minimise visual disturbance to the wildlife within the reserve. However, for now you still have a good view from each area. And don’t worry, they may look very tall and wave a little in the wind, but they are firmly secured 1.5 metres underground!


The Observation Room

The Trackside Hide

We are still open for a few more weeks so come on down and see what’s going on!

The Team at RSPB Belfast Harbour Reserve