This week is the last week that the Sea Club Rush that grows around the edges of the lagoon at the reserve can be removed. This is because work like this has to be done before all the wintering waders and wildfowl return to Northern Ireland to make the reserve their home for the winter, to prevent disturbing these important species. So both staff and volunteers have been working very hard to get all the rush cut and removed before the deadline for the past few weeks. Sea Club Rush has to be removed every year because it grows very vigorously and would eventually take over the lagoon itself if the management didn't happen every year, and taking it away from the site seems to reduce growth and makes it easier to cut next year. Teams of volunteers have been cutting the plant mechanically, and it is then picked up and piled by hand, which most of the volunteers here will tell you is very muddy work. We have had a few swamp monster lookalikes this summer! Even our two konik ponies have been helping with this work, as we have seen them munching away at the Sea Club Rush, and they also came and gave us a hand this afternoon by helping themselves to some of the cut rush which was being cleared by volunteers.

Our Warden hard at work

Volunteers clearing the cut vegetation

The ponies try to help out!

We'll be keeping you up to date with all the work going on at the reserve in the winter months right here on this blog, or you could come down at take a look yourselves!! Hope to see you soon.

The Team at RSPB Belfast Harbour Reserve