Well it seems like a lifetime ago now but a couple of weeks ago we had a very successful event at Baron's Haugh celebrating the fantastic dogs we get at the reserve and also discussing with owners how they can help ensure wildlife is not disturbed by dogs on site. This led to some great discussions and I am very pleased to say that all of the dog owners who stopped to chat to us were very aware of the importance and sensitivity of the wildlife at Baron's Haugh and were eager to do their bit to ensure it remains safe, thank you!!

Of course, things have developed a lot in the last couple of weeks and Baron's Haugh is now closed to visitors due to the Covid-19 crisis. This is a very difficult time for everybody and I am sure our doggy friends are missing the reserve. With everything that is going on, we are all needing a little bit of light relief to get us through the week. As a bit of distraction for myself, I was having a look through some photographs of the Dog Days event and remembering some of the great characters we met. I  thought you might be interested to meet some of them as well since they certainly put a smile on my face, let me introduce you to (in this order); Skye, Alfie, Tully, Gus and Winston.

This is just a sample of some of the wonderful dogs we met. We can't wait to see them again when are back out on site, all I am sure being good boys (and girls) and respecting the wildlife of RSPB Baron's Haugh!